Rachael - Moorhead, MN


Member since 2007


I grew up in a household where we always watched ghost and horror movies.  So, I've been interested in the paranormal since I was a child.  I've known Mandy since i was ten and she introduced me to Joe and the group. once Joe and I started dating I became even more intrigued by paranormal and spiritual activity. I had never thought of furthering my knowledge of the field until I knew that there were others in the area who were also interested was encouraged by my family to pursue this.   After starting out as an investigator I became the webmaster for this site.

For personal experiences I have heard my own name whispered in my ear while laying in my bed. Before joining the group I had delved in my own personal investigations, with my sister-in-law, in the house I used to live in (evp work).  Strange experiences occurred there:  coming home from work to find things not where they had been left (wood decoration unaccountably hanging on the wall where it had not been previously).  Objects would disappear and reappear (not being able to find my glasses. I would tear apart and remake my bed and after the bed was made my glasses would be laying in the middle of the bed under the sheets. ).  I never felt like it was a malevolent spirit just one wanting to have fun with me.   

I am excited for all of the opportunities we have been able to have in this area and am looking forward to new ones. 




Occupation:                   Customer and Representative Relations

Interests:                        Playing guitar and writing music



Likes:                                  Spending time with the people I love




                                               My cats - Willis and Frito

                                               Camping, bonfires and barbeques

Dislikes:                            Not excelling at something 

                                               People who don't use blinkers                                               



Goals:                               To continually improve my life

                                              To never stop learning

                                              Travel to Europe                                             

Goals:                              Be more attuned to paranormal occurrences

                                             Gather evidence and publish it so others can
                                             see and hear what I've experienced

                                             To get out there and hunt at every opportunity

Paranormal Goal:   Satisfy my own need to know the unknown 
                                             and understand the unexplained


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