Joe - Fargo, ND

Member since 2006


I have always been interested in the world of the paranormal. Whether it be ghosts, bigfoot, bermuda triangle, ufo's, etc. After researching Bigfoot sightings in the state of Minnesota for years, I became more and more interested in the field of ghost hunting. I decided to form a group with others who share the desire to find out more about this aspect of the paranormal world.


More about Joe:

Occupation:                   Social Services/Counselor

Interests:                        Baseball


                                               Traveling to see my family

                                               Fishing with Tim

                                               Watching horror movies.

Likes:                                  Cats

                                               Ghost Hunting

                                               Hot Dogs 


                                               Warm Weather                         

Dislikes:                            Cold 


                                               Liberal Politics
                                               People who don't work but could.

Goals:                               To catch a sea monster with Tim

                                              Own a lake cabin and live somewhere warm.

Goals:                              Own a lake cabin and live somewhere warm.

                                             eventually find the "Ghost of Weld Hall"

                                             Purchase a Thermal Cam

                                             Capture a ghost on camera

                                             Meet Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters again

Paranormal Goal:   Ghost Hunt the White House


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